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Wahenga, 2018

Wahenga is an Afro Jazz documentary, a first in East Africa, illuminating the genre of music known as 'Zilipendwa'.  More than just the soothing 'golden era' of dance music it is known as, Zilipendwa characterises a post-independence era common in Africa, where state-sponsored recordings served to unite people and create a common national identity.




John Kitime, an energetic musician in his 60s, puts together a band to revive the dying sound of Tanzanian Zilipendwa, music from the early independence era. Weaving memories of the past and dreams for the future, John and his bandmates revisit the era of gleaming horns and packed dance halls as they struggle to keep the music alive in a passionate argument for “the ones that were loved". Will they succeed?

Directors: Amil Shivji & Rebecca Corey

Cinematographers: Nicholas Calvin

Editors: Jerome William

Production Company: Kijiweni Productions