Wahenga in Bergen


Cafe Sanaa, Bergen

Huddled by seven mountains, Bergen is Norway’s second largest city and known for its' rich artistic heritage. Café Sanaa was a natural setting for a private screening of Wahenga, as it’s owned by a Norwegian Tanzanian couple who’ve made it the home to Afro Jazz in the city.

Wahenga Screening

The screening was set as a private screening for the closest of Cafe Sanaa friends. Those in attendance laughed, applauded, as others were moved to tears. It was a refreshing ambiance filled with a positive sense of energy and reflection.

Bjørn Blomberg, public health expert, owner of Café Sanaa and part time musician himself (Here with Msondo Ngoma in Dar es Salaam), emotionally remarked how swayed he was with the accuracy with which the musicians’ lives were depicted.