Africa Rising; Is Africa Really Rising?

ASC Symposium 2016 Groningen, The Netherlands

Before Finesse, there was an international law student in the Netherlands by the name of Jonas. Identifying the need for inclusiveness in a refreshingly enlightening way, Jonas led the rebranding of the African Students Community (ASC) in Groningen, The Netherlands. The ASC quickly became the most prominent international student organisation in the city, hosting academic, social and sporting events at new levels in the country’s student city. The flagship event of that year was the ASC Symposium.

The ASC Symposium, entitled 'Africa Rising; Is Africa Really Rising?' became an international sensation, drawing much conceptual intrigue.  The Symposium brought experts from the fields of Business & Economics, Health, Politics & Governance, Human Rights, Education and Art together to address the question in their respective fields. The occasion was graced by the Ghanaian and Tanzanian ambassadors, respectively.

When asked by a journalist why he chose the topic for the Symposium and what his answer would be to the question whether Africa was indeed rising, Jonas simply answered "Well...I decided to show you instead".


A collection of thoughts from around the world in the run up to the ASC Symposium 2016.